Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shut up and Dance With Me Thoughts

The song Shut Up and Dance With Me is a popular song.  My class and I listened to it yesterday so, not only did I hear it on the radio, but I also heard it 2 times in class.  I heard it 3 times in one day!  Anyway I think it sounds like one of those One Direction songs (it is like Best Song Ever right?) but way cooler.  I think the message of the song is to stop talking and live your life.

I think this because in the song the chorus says "Shut up and dance with me." Also the lyrics says "she took my arm I don't know how it happened we took the floor and she said" I think this means that she is just trying to get out there and live her life and "she" is trying to get him to live his life instead of just sitting back and doing nothing.

I really don't think this is a love song, but others my have different opinions.

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